Monday, October 12, 2009

The Final Countdown

This week promises to be the last week at Dingmoonment for quite some time. I have a couple more posts about the end of the evening, as well as the role that getting drunk played in the evening, and maybe a fond farewell retrospective type post welcoming travelers who will come down this path behind me, but, for the time being, Dingmoonment will be defunct. You'll see me back in these parts come pregnancies or mortgages. Pregbirthhood, anyone? Conpreghood? Concepnantbirth?

In other news, Lauren and I may very well be able to get legally married in DC on our first wedding anniversary. Yay for David Catania and the DC City Council!


Kate C said...

Um...where's your other blogs. I know they're out there somewhere. I need my updates.

Desaray said...

I used to have blogs but alas and alack, this is the big blog now.

Anonymous said...

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